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To support our community and in an abundance of caution during these globally challenging times, Brown Dog Gelato, and Ollie’s Brick Oven Pizza  are open for take away orders only. Our hours are Friday-Sunday, 12 PM – 8 PM and our indoor and patio seating area are closed until further notice. We sincerely thank you for your messages of support. We are happy to continue serving our delicious house made fresh gelato and coffee to Rosarito, and will return to normal operations as soon as conditions permit.




Authentic Italian gelato, barista crafted coffees, cinnamon rolls and Belgian Liege waffles made by hand every day

HOURS: Wednesday through Sunday, 8AM - 10PM


Gelato, which literally means “frozen,” is the Italian word for ice cream and has been enjoyed in Italy since the Renaissance. Gelato is generally creamier, denser, and richer-tasting than regular ice cream. There are five distinctions between gelato and typical ice cream.

FRESHNESS – Truly artisanal gelato is frozen quickly in small batches and should be eaten within a couple of days of being made. Most commercial ice creams are made for long-term storage with a higher fat content and frozen at much colder temperatures.

SUGAR – In gelato making, sugar content is closely monitored and balanced with water content and comes in slightly lower than ice cream. With gelato, sugar serves both to sweeten and act as an anti-freeze, contributing to the creamy texture.

FAT – Gelato has much less butterfat than ice cream because there is a much higher ratio of milk to cream, which you would never guess from its inherent creaminess. Butterfat in gelato comes in between 4-8% versus ice cream’s 10-16%.

TEMPERATURE – Gelato is served about 9°F, 10 to 15 degrees warmer than ice cream. Because it melts in your mouth faster, you taste gelato’s full flavor immediately.

DENSITY – Ice cream is up of 50% volume by air, while gelato has a higher density,  between 20-25% air. The result is a higher quality, extremely dense, and more intensely flavored dessert with a luscious texture in
the finished product.

All of our gelato and sorbetto is made in-house with the freshest ingredients.

SORBETTO – A non-dairy gelato made with a large variety of flavorings but is water, rather than dairy based.

AIR IS THE ENEMY – Store gelato in an air tight container. Smooth gelato in the container with a spatula. and lay plastic wrap directly on top before replacing the lid. Place it in the back of the freezer where the temperature stays the most consistent. Before eating, move it to the refrigerator for ½ to ¾ hour. Consume gelato within a couple of days of purchase.


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House made cinnamon rolls and Belgian Liege waffles


Espresso, lattes, cappuccino, iced coffee, cold brew, pour over, chai, Italian hot chocolate – name your pleasure!


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